Is Shawn Rhoden Competing in the 2020 Olympia?

Will Shawn Rhoden Compete in the 2020 Olympia

Recent News Claims Shawn Rhoden is Not Competing in 2020 Olympia

Unfortunately, we will not be seeing Shawn Rhoden at this year’s Mr. Olympia Contest. Due to his ongoing legal battle, and Covid restrictions, Rhoden will be sidelined yet again this year.

According to the former champ’s Instagram, he may be sitting out, but he’s certainly not sitting down! Rhoden has posted numerous times in the last few days, sending messages to his fans such as:

“Surround yourself with doers, grinders, hustlers and go getters. People who stay awake to make their dreams come through. Life has many ups and down stay focused, positive and motivated. The best is yet to come.”


“No one and I mean no one will under how much sacrifice and hard work you put in to get to this point. Everyone’s journey is different and everyone’s take a different path to their success in this sport. The mass will cheer only when they see your end result. Stay hungry and keep fighting.

Will Shawn Rhoden Compete Again?

It’s quite clear that 2020 is just another roadblock that Shawn Rhoden will work to overcome, as it does not look like he’s missed a single day of work in the gym; pushing himself as if he were only a few weeks out.

Though it has been a disappointing amount of time since the last time we saw Rhoden on stage, I’d be shocked to think we’d seen the last of Mr. Rhoden.

What do you feel about Shawn Rhoden and his current status as an IFBB pro? It’s certainly easy to see how talented and gifted an athlete he is.

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